More advancements in medicine have been made in the past fifty years than ever before in history.  Clinical Research Trials is paving the way for effective and encompassing clinical trials.

CRT is dedicated to conducting all Phases of clinical trials to develop potential new and sophisticated drugs and procedures to fight different types of diseases, ranging from COPD to many types and stages of cancer.

When most people hear the phrase “clinical research,” they envision a large laboratory with scientists and chemists mixing different chemicals together to create super potions.  However, there is a more human side to clinical research, where practitioners and staff help cultivate industry-leading research by offering participants access to potential new treatments.

This is where CRT steps in.

CRT aims to improve the lives of participants through new research. We offer innovative clinical studies to participants and help them navigate through the process while maintaining a comfortable environment.  Participants do not have to be a patient of a related medical practice in order to be eligible for the clinical trials that we offer.  Rather, all are welcome to inquire and participate in a clinical trial if they fit within the required protocol criteria.



“The research team is unbelievable. They really put to bed any discomfort I had in clinical trials.” – Henry Fairlawn

“I felt at home and comfortable during my research visits. The clinical trial was not a replacement of my regular treatment, but a supplement.” – Leslie Taggart