Clinical research is not an easy task; it requires a solid infrastructure and well trained committed staff who believe in the zero-tolerance to error and a leadership who has the zeal and dedication to the process.  No wonder that finding such clinical research sites has always been a challenge to pharmaceutical companies and CRO’s.

Clinical Research Trials (CRT) in Canton, Ohio, was launched in 2015 based on the unmet need for a comprehensive general medicine clinical research unit and an already established infrastructure with seasoned experienced leadership.

Gabrail Cancer Center Research (GCCR) has proven to be one of the best in the nation. Eighteen years of experience in all phases of cancer research, an outstanding reputation in performance, prompt trial initiation and enrollment that exceeds the expectation was the thrusting force behind expanding our clinical research to include non-oncology trials. GCCR success was expanded three years ago into a nationwide cancer research network, Sargon Research that incorporates 14 oncology practices.

The predicted, instant success, of CRT was no surprise to anyone because of the dedication and seasoned leadership of Nash Gabrail M.D. and Carrie Smith R.N. Their vast experience is in over 350 cancer clinical trials, in excess of 300 patients enrolled and the management of Sargon Research. We recently added Michael Gabrail J.D. to our leadership staff. His knowledge and experience in regulatory and marketing talents is a great asset to our clinical operations.

Clinical Research Trials is well posed to be a leader in general medicine research and new drug development. Canton, Ohio is uniquely positioned for this projected and predicted success.  We have a primary care practice in the form of on-site clinics at major factories and businesses in the community. This provides a large patient base for accrual for clinical trials.

Canton is the home for 7 colleges and universities with access to thousands of potential healthy volunteers; many of them are already included in our database.

Our growing facility is equipped with 26 infusion chairs, cardiopulmonary monitors, two private rooms for overnight stay and relaxing environment with games and pool table making the potential lengthy stay comfortable and convenient.

The ten bed phase I expansion unit is underway at CRT. This state of the art unit will be equipped with the most up-to-date technology, private rooms and an entertainment area. This should be appealing to sponsors and CROs for both oncology and general medicine clinical trials including those for healthy volunteers.

Sponsors and CRO’s are welcome to visit our operations and planned expansion. We also invite sponsors and CRO’s to consider our program for their clinical trials both for specific disease sites as well as for healthy volunteers.