• First Blog Post

    Thanks for visiting the blog page for Clinical Research Trials LLC (“CRT”) and other related entities. CRT is just one phase of a broader project dedicated to researching and helping create different treatments for diseases ranging from asthma to diabetes to cancer. What started as a cancer treatment facility has expanded into a cancer research facility and now into an all-encompassing medical research facility.

    We take our role in the medical research community seriously. When it comes to research, we don’t seek to replace treatment options, but rather supplement current treatments. We also thrive on making the research process as comfortable as an experience as possible. To us, a research patient is not just a number on a sheet. Rather, the individuals that record and review your progress in our research studies are the same smiling faces that you see each and every day.

    As for this blog, be sure to stay tuned for up-to-date information regarding not just research studies we are conducting, but research studies all over the country and the world. Medicine is expanding to limits that were not imaginable even one hundred years ago. But every day, facilities like CRT are helping advance the medical community to new heights to make better treatments available to patients across the world. And we intend to continue this effort.

    Thank you from the CRT staff.